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Environmental Engineering: anaerobic and BNR in conjunction with Dr. James C. Young for a number of regional/South American projects,
e.g. Continental Grain Paraguay, Breeders and Packers, Manfrey Argentina, NOAL, Frigorífico Gorina
Argentina, Ecolat Uruguay. Front-desk engineer at www.VirtualGuild.Net - environmental engineering
services. Partial highlights:

Principal Lecturer for 10 head engineering team 2-day workshop
IBS Cordoba ARGENTINA - Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires - April 2008 to April 2008
Conducted a 2-day, end-to-end wastewater engineering workshop for a 10 head professional engineering

ASB Process/Equipment Consultant
LEDESMA ARGENTINA - San Salvador de Jujuy, Jujuy - March 2006 to December 2006
ASB Process/Equipment Consultant for 48,000 m3/d paper mill wastewater treatment plant involving
the purchase of 21 aerators 75 HP. Contract duties involved process review/recommendations and
international bid document writing in both English and Spanish.
aerated basin ledesma paper mill

Environmental Consultant
Continental Grain PARAGUAY - Asunción - November 2001 to November 2001
Conducted onsite diagnostic and recommendations for a failing edible oil wastewater treatment plant.
Duties also included proffering a full day workshop for 15 people (bilingual audience handled on the spot), both local and HQ personnel.
edible oil wastewater plant Continental Grain

Procurement Engineer
Municipalidad Melchor Romero - Ing. Esteban Lyons - La Plata, Buenos Aires - August 2000 to December 2000
Engineered international procurement of floating lateral aeration system for a small community.

Environmental Engineer - Procurement
GLUTAL - ARGENTINA - Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires - May 1999 to October 1999
Procurement, media supply and technical assistance for a small (400 m3) aerobic biotower which achieved 96% COD removal.

Procurement Engineer
COUSA - Edible Oil Plant # 2 - Montevideo, Departamento de Montevideo - July 1997 to December
Engineered procurement of floating lateral aeration system for a highly visual edible oil wwtp now being used as well as training ground for environmental staff from state agencies.

Procurement Engineer
Aguas de la Costa - Punta del Este - Uruguay - February 1993 to December 1993
Engineered procurement for a combined trickling filter and activated sludge wwtp serving a 10k population.
La Barra - Punta del Este - Uruguay

Procurement Engineer
Efice Cloro Soda Uruguay (2019)
Small, single stage HCl recovery scrubber (850 m3/h)

HCL scrubber

UASB Performance Assessment & Recovery Procedures
James C. Young Environmental - Woodard & Curran (2018)
Bottling Company - Victorville, CA

Anaerobic Granules


Bioremediation - Fundamentals and Applications (Spanish)
September 1999
Bioremediation - Fundamentals and Applications.

Diffuser Systems (Spanish)
September 1999
Introduction to Diffuser Systems as used in wastewater treatment plants.


“Solid wastes and landfills” U. of Wisconsin/Madison (Dr. O’Leary; CE)
“Principles of bioremediation” U. of Missouri (Dr. Rob Segar; 2000; grad level)
“Water pollution control” Penn State (Dr. Ray Regan; 1999)
“Environmental Science” U. of Maryland (Thomas J. Irwin;1998)
"Industrial Wastewater Treatment - Principles & Practices” Virginia (Dr. Clifford W. Randall;1995)
"Anaerobic Workshops" Buenos Aires & Montevideo (Dr. James C. Young - 2000/2009/2011) Co-Presenter

Wisconsin Madison certificate

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Environmental Engineering Credentials/Other Further Data


Fabrication, Installation, and Testing of Geomembranes
Professional Development Hours (PDHs) : One (1.0)
Name of Organizer and Lead Presenter : Dr. Timothy D. Stark
Timothy D. Stark, Ph.D., P.E.,F.ASCE
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
2217 Newmark Civil Engineering Laboratory
University of Illinois

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