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Properly handling industrial wastewater can be at times extremely difficult.  Because of this, engineers and scientists often perform batch tests in which target wastewater blends are analyzed.  While batch tests go some way towards enlightening what's going on and suggest possible approaches, they may fail short if acclimation is found required or test dilution affects or masks wastewater's toxicity.

Industrial wastewaters come from a variety of sources and have widely varying characteristics so there are no fast and hard rules.  No two industrial wastewaters are alike and even two plants of the same type, for example breweries, can produce wastewaters having significantly different treatability characteristics.  Most industrial wastewaters contain a variety of organic constituents and in many cases in high or very high concentrations.

Sequential batch or continuously fed reactors can be favorably used to assess longer term impacts of target wastewater and blends on existing or proposed biological treatment trains.




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